Christ Lifeline 20th Anniversary Celebration

The 20th anniversary celebration of the ministry promised to be a wonderful event and it lived up to the anticipation as it turned out to be a memorable gathering of partners and BFS Alumni reigniting their commitment towards extending the lifeline of Christ to nations and saw 21 guest attendees join the ministry as partners including 14 people who pledged financial commitments to the Ministry.

The 4 hours event which held on Easter Monday started off on a good note few minutes after 1pm, though many attendees came in at a later time than expected but that was not a reflection of the great things to happen later on during the program. From the opening prayer to the worship session, the atmosphere within the Darlington Hall was clearly set for an unforgettable afternoon to be blessed in the presence of God.

The objectives of the 20th anniversary celebration event was made obvious to all in attendance by the president of the ministry – Mr Emeka Ofia, as he gave a brief introduction about the purpose of the meeting. Special guests, pastors and dignitaries present were duly acknowledged and everyone settled into the program proper as the Christ Lifeline Story by the Founder – Apostle Tope Aladenusi played on.

The sessions of teaching, thanksgiving and table discussion were uplifting and was a refreshing period as all in attendance experienced supernatural expressions and a renewed consecration to the work of God through the ministry. Testimonies were in abundance and due to the time limit, a few testimonies was allowed to be shared by guests in attendance and many more read out to the glory of God.

There was smiles all around as the 20th Anniversary celebration cake was cut led by the President of the ministry. Welfare for all at the event was top quality as everyone was fed at the end of the event with handy gifts distributed to all.

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