Believer's Finishing School


The Believers Finishing School is a program created to train believers how to apply God’s Word in our everyday lives and excel in ministry, family and industry, raise effective Christians that will overcome life’s challenges and live a lifestyle that attracts others to Christ.

The BFS Story

The Believers Finishing School has been held a total number of 24 times from August 2014 till date. During that period, there have been a total of over 1,100 graduates of the believers finishing school.

The Believers finishing school has been held across five major states in Nigeria (Lagos, Niger, Abia, Ogun and Abuja) and Ghana and the ministry has a very capable team of spirit filled leaders and teachers who deliver the BFS courses wonderfully to participants.

With countless testimonies about the impact of the believers finishing school, it has been a journey of success so far.

Why you should attend the BFS

Organised by Christ Lifeline partners (a non-denominational organisation); the Believers Finishing School  is designed to polish us to express who we truly are in Christ.

We are convinced of the strategic role you play (and will keep playing) in the body of Christ, and we believe this BFS will position you to maximize your potential in Christ.

Feeding, accommodation and course materials are provided FREE for all participants.

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