COVID-19 Support For 1000 Missionaries

Despite the uncertainties around the world surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, there remains a matter that is certain; the Gospel of our salvation through Jesus Christ and his commission for us to spread abroad the love of God to every soul.

In the month of May 2020, due to obvious challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project M1000 was established to provide support for at least 1000 active missionaries in line with the mission of Christ Lifeline to support platforms that attract people to Christ.

Therefore, with a current shift towards providing for the obvious people in need in our community, less attention has been paid to Christian missionaries; as most of the support systems they count on are getting strained, most find themselves faced with random shortages of everyday supplies and, not to mention the menace of the virus itself.

Hence, Christ Lifeline Ministry took the lead to address the crucial needs of those at the front line who have taken up the selfless tasks to reach even the most remote of locations in extreme conditions and difficult circumstances to bring the message of God\’s love to the heart of every soul.

We are grateful for the support so far with donations made in the past three months to be able to reach out to over 100 missionaries spread across the northern region of Nigeria and the suburbs in the Asia region.

Christ Lifeline remains committed to reach out to many more as the world continues to battle with the prevention of the spread of the Corona Virus and we believe that together with your donations, prayers and support, we can still achieve our goal to reach to 1000 missionaries.

Join the challenge today to donate at least 5000 Naira or more towards the project, share and also challenge at least Five (5) people to do so.

Kindly send your donations via this link or to the bank account details below:

Account Name – Christ Lifeline Ministry
Account Number – 1007768232
Bank – United Bank for Africa (UBA)

We thank you for your contributions, support and commitment to changing the lives of people all over the world via Christ Lifeline platform.

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