Christ Lifeline Donates Mission House to Paul Ministries, India

In Christ lifeline, initiating and executing projects is not hindered by distance or remoteness of location, we are led by God.

On the 22nd of February, 2013 we visited Kakinada, India to commission a mission house donated by Christ Lifeline Ministry. This is in fulfillment of our desire to support missionary activities wherever the Lord guides. The project was executed through the logistical support of Paul Ministries, a missionary organization involved with church planting and outreaches to less-privileged people in India.

The octogenarian pastor of the church could not hide his joy at the occasion, as he explained that the building will end their age-long meeting in an open field exposed to the elements of weather.


Christ Lifeline Ministry is glad to have satisfied this longing for a place of worship and ministry. Thanks to our partners\’ generous donations; henceforth, people of the village will be taught the word of God in a more comfortable environment.

You can partner with Christ Lifeline Ministry and join the family of happy people who first of all gave their lives to Christ and then consistently and willingly give their substances towards the propagation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and improving the lives of other people by the day. Complete the Partners’ Form on http://www.christlifeline.org/partnership/ to become a part of this work today.


Stay blessed!

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