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Today’s Lifeline magazine is an international periodical of Christ Lifeline Ministry currently published quarterly and circulated around the world. It is a complete life magazine that contains all the essential ingredients that anyone needs to live an all-round successful life. With its various sections handled by seasoned ministers of God, Today’s Lifeline Magazine is indeed a lifeline to everyone navigating the decisions of everyday life.

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Powered by Christ Lifeline, Today’s Lifeline Radio broadcasts inspirational messages and music 24/7 with the aim of reaching out to people from all works of life, anywhere, anytime and helping them to live an all-round successful life.

Listeners can now tune in directly from the mobile app with the push of a button, connect directly with social media, share testimonies and get direct access to over 700 Christian contents available on Today’s Lifeline website.

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Powered by Christ Lifeline, Today’s Lifeline Bulletin is a bi-weekly devotional of Christ Lifeline, sent out to all subscribers on the today’s Lifeline website. The articles are written by seasoned men of God who are also partners of the ministry.


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